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Making Impossible Sculptures Possible

Last week's focus was the world of impossible figures. This week's web site focuses on an artist who creates "impossible mathematical sculptures."

Bathsheba Grossman is an artist who explores how mathematics, science and sculpture meet (i.e. at a nexus). She claims her "work is about life in three dimensions, symmetry and balance, and always finding beauty in geometry."

First, consider Bathsheba's work on the Make web site. Be sure to watch the video, in which she describes her metal sculptures and how they are created using 3-dimensioanl printing techniques. Show the video to your students as well...to see a mathematical artists first-hand.

Then, visit Bathsheba's web site, which has many interesting elements:

A final note: Mathematics teachers should be aware that some school districts have (and students possibly use) these 3-dimensional printing devices. Check with your local technology education specialist (possibly located in what was once a shop classroom), as a mathematics class could incorporate student projects and the integrated mathematics.