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Buffon Needle Experiment--Resources

This week's review of web sites relates to the Buffon Needle Experiment viz. the problem posed for this week...the tossing of a frozen hotdog to calculate an approximation for pi. Each of the site's listed offers a variation...either in the mathematical explanation, the history, or the simulation.

First, the history of the Buffon Needle Problem or experiment:

Second, the mathematics underlying the Buffon Needle Experiment: Third, some web sites (google "buffon needle" and many more exist) that offer dynamic simulations of the experiment...in case you cannot find a frozen hot dog: And fourth, some extensions of the problem or experiment: Hope these web sites were helpful. I have done variations of the Buffon Needle experiment with both middle school and high school students (using toothpicks, not frozen hotdogs). If you know of other innovative sites (ideas) such as this one, please send me their URL's.