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Are You Ready....to Enter the World of a Termesphere?

Art and mathematics. The two disciplines fit quite well together...and it is interesting to watch how artists integrate mathematics into their work...or is it vice versa? A prime example is Dick Termes, mathematical artist extraodinaire (and all-around great guy)!

In his South Dakota studio, Dick creates Termespheres, which are spherical paintings that incorporate anywhere from one- to six-point perspective. Each Termesphere is a world in itself, which you enter and become a part of it. Dick admits that he has been influenced by M.C. Escher and Buckminster Fuller, yet he has pushed their envelope, if such is possible.

To get an idea of what a Termesphere is, visit his website, using this recursive travel plan:

  • First, browse through static (2-D) pictures of his Termespheres...all six pages
  • Now, watch his movie, which sets these Termespheres into motion...imagine you are inside the Termesphere with your eye at the very center....looking in all directions simultaneously...and you will start to see the genius in his approach
  • Then, browse through the description of Dick Termes himself, as now the visual allusions will make sense
  • Now, take the tour of his Termesphere History, as the explanations will point out some things you missed
  • Finally, go back to step one and take the trip again....if you do this an ample number of times, your vision will gradually shift....to an AHA!
  • When you break this loop, you are ready to brush up on your understanding of six-point perspective.
Enjoy...and if you ever get a chance to meet Dick, hear him speak, or participate in one of his workshops.... consider yourself lucky. The world needs more mathematical-artists like him, but I am not sure my visual mind can handle it!