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Calculus Graphics and Applets

Douglas Arnold is the Director of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in Minneapolis and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. As a side line, he has put together a collection of Graphics and Java Applets designed to help students learn first-year calculus.

In addition to providing visual insights into difficult calculus concepts, the set of graphics and applets encourage students to experiment with mathematical ideas and test their understanding. That is, the graphics and applets can be used constructively in a math classroom.

Though originally set up for use by college students, the graphics and applets can be used by secondary students taking a calculus course. The web site containing the applets is broken into these content areas:

  • Differentials and Differences
  • Computing Volume of a Tipped Glass
  • Archimedes Calculation of Pi
  • How the Ball Bounces
  • Secants and Tangents
  • Zooming in on a Tangent Line
  • Trigonometric Limits
  • Nowhere Differentiable Function
  • The Intersection of Two Cylinders
  • 2.718281828459045235360287471352662
Many of the graphics and applets include discussions for students (and teachers) to explore. If you want additional websites that focus specifically on calculus, please consider the Resource from a previous week's review.