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The Teacher's Swiss Army Knife

As best I can tell, the Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia (based at the University of Kansas) hosts the web site 4Teachers.org. The goal of this web site is to provide FREE online tools and resources that will help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.

I first heard of the web site when a local teacher mentioned his use of RubiStar, an on-line tool for generating assessment rubrics (reviewed in this week's Resource page). But, the web site is much bigger than that, though I must admit the site leans more towards helping teachers in disciplines other than mathematics.

For example, the web site offers these tools:

  • QuizStar creates on-line quizzes (but with limited formats)
  • PersuadeStar is a tool to help students write powerful essays
  • Assign-A-Day is an on-line calendar for posting your assignments
  • CasaNotes allows teachers to quickly write notes in English and Spanish
  • TrackStar allows teachers to create lessons on-line or view other teacher's lessons
  • PBL Checklists helps monitor student work in Project Based Learning situations
  • Web Worksheet Wizard allows a teacher to create and post a worksheet on a web site quickly
  • NoteStar helps students take notes and make citations when researching for a paper
  • ThinkTank is like an idea generator when students outline a paper
  • ProjectPoster helps students create and post pages on a web site
Another feature that you you can register and then store all of your work on-line. I can see both postive and negatives for this aspect.

In addition, the web site offers options for finding professional development resources that address issues such as equity, ELL, technology planning, at-risk students, and special-needs students.