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Are You Up For a Contest?

Numerous mathematics contests for secondary students are held yearly...ready for your students' participation. Just in case you do not know of any contests, consider the following list (and problem resources):

National and International Contests

  • USA Mathematical Talent Search
  • International Mathematics Olympiad
  • American Math Competitions
  • Canadian Mathematical Olympiad
  • World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions
  • Canadian Math Competition
  • The Mandelbrot Competition
  • Descartes Mathematics Contest
  • National Student Two Year College Math League
  • Gainesville College Mathematics Tournament for Two-Year Colleges
  • International Mathematics Olympiad
  • Wisconsin Mathematics, Science and Engineering Talent Search
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • Tournament of Towns
  • High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling
  • MathCounts
  • Mathematical Oympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools
  • William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition
Regional Contests
  • ARML (Northeast, Midwest, Far West)
  • Furman University (Southeast) Mathematics Tournament
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mathematics Contest
  • Harvard-MIT (New England) Math Tournament
  • Nassau County Interscholastic Math League
  • Milton Math Tournament
  • Utah State Math Contest
  • Great Plains Math League
  • Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad and Mathematical Circles
  • Washington State Mathematics Council Contest/Olympiad
  • Minnesota State High school Mathematics League
Selected College-Sponsored Contests
  • Oklahoma State University High School Math Contest
  • Lehigh University (PA) High School Math Contest
  • University of South Carolina Annual High School Math Contest
  • UW-Whitewater/UT-Dallas Middle/High School Mathematics Meet
  • University of North Carolina at Wilmington High School Math Contest
  • FAU/Stuyvesant High School Alumni Math Competition
  • Stanford Mathematics Tournament
  • Furman University Mathematics Tournament
  • University of Maryland High School Math Competition
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater High School Math Meet
  • Texas A&M Math Contest
To find out more information about any of these contests (and more exist!), turn to Math Competitions Websites, Directory of Math Contests, and MathArchives, as they were primary sources for the above information. Be aware that some of their links are no longer active, so you may have to do a specific search for that contest.

I do not know who runs the first link. My suspicions are that it is Lester Moskowitz, actuary and former contest member of the 1953 Stuyvesant Math Team. Finally, if you have time, scan this report on the 1970 Stuyvesant Math Team...it is interesting to see what happens to former mathematics contest competitors.