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Mathematics in Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball Etc.

The Resource for next week includes mention of Alain Hache's book The Physics of Hockey. Thus, it is only appropriate that complementary web sites be reviewed as well, especially those that are specific to mathematics.

Much has been written about the mathematics of hockey, at varying levels of complexity. These web sites and resources are offered as being useful or accessible:

  • The Stamford Spinnakers' Math On Ice is a good place to start as it provides a beginner's overview of a great many connections of mathematics and hockey
  • Then, look at the Exploratorium's The Science of Hockey, as it includes experiments to try, such as matching a goalie's reaction time or measuring skater speeds
  • In addition to his book above, Alain Hache helps coordinate a website called The Physics of Hockey, which overflows with ideas, resourses, and statistics
In addition to hockey, much can be found on the Internet related to mathematics and other sports (other than baseball, football, and basketball). Some examples: If you know of other resources related to the mathematics of some sport, please send them to me for inclusion on a future list.