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Math in the News...Read All About It!

You would never guess it by reading your local newspaper...but mathematical-related events are occurring daily around you. New discoveries, new research results (exciting but understandable?) , new problems solved, new conjectures posed, and mathematicians recognized.

The AMS to the rescue! On a monthly basis in its Math in the Media , the American Mathematical Society posts a paragraph about mathematical stories that have appeared in the media (newspapers, journals, news broadcasts)....somewhere, but probably not your local newspaper.

For example, based on when this review was written, have you read about these "recent" stories or events:

  • Julie J. Rehnmayer's research and answers to the question: When an inelastic rectangle (for example, a strip of paper) is twisted into a Möbius band in 3-dimensional space, what exactly is the resulting shape?
  • Coverage of the five-day conference Geometry and the Imagination, held at Princeton honor of Bill Thurston's 60th birthday. Note: Bill is considered one of the most outstanding mathematicians of our time...and even stacks up well against the mathematical greats of all time.
  • Segments from an interview with Al Jean, The Simpsons' executive producer and former undergraduate mathematics major at Harvard
  • The use of graph theory to investigate mathematical questions regarding Sudoku, such as whether a Sudoku can have more than one solution
Check in with the web site Math in the Media on a regular basis, as it can provide some "currency" to the teaching and learning of mathematics. Also, you will have access to the past ten years of its news notes...you should be able to find something of interest. Be sure to investigate the included Math Digest, which is a number of more expanded articles on topics of interest.