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Exploring Hoop Dreams with Mathematics

The Resource for this week is the book Basketball on Paper. Thus, it is only appropriate that complementary web sites be reviewed as well.

Much has been written about the mathematics of basketball, at varying levels of complexity. These web sites and resources are offered as being useful or accessible:

  • The on-line Journal of Basketball Studies offers a wealth of material...articles, an explanation of using statistics for scouting or for documenting team performance, a version of the book Basketball Hoopla, and links to data bases of basketball statistics. Note: The web site is operated by Dean Oliver, the author of the reviewed resource Basketball on Paper
  • The web site ThinkQuest offers useful information regarding basketball viewed from the perspective of mathematics, physics, and art...I suggest going directly to the resource index...but you may want to start students with the Roadmap
  • Donald Wittman, an economist, offers an interesting expoloration of the statistical side of basketball players and their salaries
  • Iver Peterson's article (March 2003) on the mathematics of basketball's three-point shot offers an interesting formula
  • The JD Sport.com web site offers links to almost 10,000 basketball-related sites, but be sure you are in the English-mode. For the mathematics side of things, start with the "Science" link
  • ESPN offers a Sports Figures option, that includes videos and lesson plans regarding mathematics and basketball
  • As it claims, 82Games.com covers "the NBA with an intense statistical focus." You need to browse to find the data and discussions that you find useful in a classroom
  • The Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE), part of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offers a classroom lesson that deals with statistics from the NCAA Final Four series
  • The Kings County Office of Education (CA) offers classroom lesson A and classroom lesson B on probability and basketball
  • Mrs. Briehl, a middle school mathematics teacher at River Valley Middle School in Spring Green (WI), offers classroom lesson on the mathematics of March Madness
  • Doug Mooers, mathematics professor at Whatcom community College in Bellingham (WA), offers several interesting mathematics-of-basketball options such as the use of basic statistics and the simulation of a basketball shot
  • Lesson Planet claims to offer about 700 lesson plans that connect mathematics and basketball. My suggestion is to to be a critical reader and user...glean the quality ideas from the....!
  • Offering a slightly different twist on things, Physics Central explores the mathematical and physics side of basketball questions, such as connecting the bouncing of a basketball to the amount of air in the basketball
  • Life Tips offers "tips" related to the playing of basketball. You will have to explore the site to decipher those that involve mathematics
If you know of other resources related to the mathematics of basketball, please send them to me for inclusion on this list.

Also, this review is a follow-up to my recent review of football resources. In future months, I will do similar reviews for baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, etc.