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Name Game: Set A

Differing from past problems, this week's puzzler tests your knowledge of a lexicon of literary terms describing collections (i.e. sets) of birds and other animals. For example, a set of larks have been described as an EXHULTATION of larks. Use the internet or whatever resources you have access to that might prove helpful. Be aware that some duplicates (and some discrepancies) exist.

  • A ___ of elk
  • A ___ of squirrels
  • A ___ of badgers
  • A ___ of rhinoceroses
  • A ___ of wild swine
  • A ___ of starlings
  • A ___ of ravens
  • A ___ of cats
  • A ___ of foxes
  • A ___ of turtle doves
  • A ___ of peacocks
  • A ___ of herrings
  • A ___ of jellyfish
  • A ___ of flies
  • A ___ of lice
  • A ___ of chickens
  • A ___ of goats
  • A ___ of whales
  • A ___ of bears
  • A ___ of turkeys
  • A ___ of mules
  • A ___ of gnats
  • A ___ of pigs
  • A ___ of bees
  • A ___ of crows
Part two of this quiz will occur on October 15.


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