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Piece of Pizza?

Fact 1: Paul Revere's Pizza in Mount Pleasant (IA) currently holds the record for the world's largest commercially available pizza--the Ultimate Party Pizza. Listed at 4-feet in diameter, the record pizza uses 10 pounds of dough, 48 ounces of pizza sauce, and 5 pounds of cheese.

Fact 2: Mama Lena's Pizza House in Pittsburgh (PA) is going to try to break this record by offering The Big One. In the shape of a 3-feet x 4 1/2-feet rectangle, it will use 20 pounds of dough, 1 gallon of pizza sauce, and 15 pounds of cheese. Cut into 150 slices, its price will be $99.

Question 1: What are the respective surface areas of the Ultimate Party Pizza and The Big One? Will a new record be set?

Question 2: Assuming surface area is the prime determiner of price, what would you predict to be the cost of the Ultimate Party Pizza?

Question 3: Determine the size of the largest pizza at your local pizzaria. Is it a good or bad deal price-wise? Also, using scaling techniques based on areas, what would you expect to be the amount of ingredients (dough, sauce, cheese) used to make your local pizza?

Note: If you want to check your answer to the second question, you unfortunately cannot not find it on their menu. But, the price is mentioned in an article describing the day they set the record in 2001.

Source: Dan Nephin, AP Release, March 20, 2006