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George H(Art) and Math

In the past year, George Hart, computer scientist and sculpture artist at Stony Brook University, has made two project visits to our area. In both visits, he engaged local teachers in great visual experiences and discussions, pushing them to see the power of combining mathematics and art. Thus, it is only proper that this web site note the wealth of his materials that are available on-line.

From the description on his own web site, George catagorizes himself as a "sculptor of constructive geometric forms" using media such as paper, wood, plastic, metal, and common household objects (e.g. plastic spoons and old CDs). He builds on the "patterns and relationships derived from classical ideals of balance and symmetry. Mathematical yet organic, these abstract forms invite the viewer to partake of the geometric aesthetic....Classical forms are pushed in new directions, so viewers can take pleasure in their Platonic beauty yet recognize how they are updated for our complex high-tech times....Because my works invite contemplation, slowly revealing their content, some viewers see them as meditation objects. A lively dancing energy moves within each piece and flows out to the viewer. The integral wholeness of each self-contained sculpture presents a crystalline purity, a conundrum of complexity, and a stark simplicity."

To find out more about George and his mathematically-based sculpture, the best option is to invite him out for a visit....possibly ask him to coordinate a workshop on the use of Zometools to investigate and build geometric relationships.

If a visit in person is not possible, the following links are recommended as being the "ten" best views of Geroge Hart and his work:

Yes, I know that eleven web sites are listed, not ten as promised. Consider that a bonus...plus I was unwilling to remove one for the sake of form and decimal purity.

So, explore, enjoy, learn.....thanks to George Hart.