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Go (Self)Fish

This review of a website is selfish in that it is as much for me as for others. Let me explain. For the most part, I am a novice as far as putting content into this website...using HTML code when it is called for. But, there are times I would like to do things, but do not not know how to do them. One of my goals with this web site this year is to keep pushing the envelope, whatever that adage means (i.e. it sounds strange visually).

My first goal was to figure out how to use HTML code to insert math symbols and Greek letters. For example, I got tired writing "pi" when I should have been writing p. For those in the "know," this was a small step in HTML...but a big step for me.

Several web sites have proved helpful in my taking this step:

And, by placing all of the links in this review, I will have quick access to them when needed (i.e. I remember). Hopefully, you and your students can make some use of these sites as well.

Finally, if you know of some useful web sites that are helpful in this same way, please send them to me so that I can add them to this review.