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My special thank you to Mr. Alexander Bogomolny, a former mathematics professor turned software developer. I discovered his website at midnight many years ago....only to discover myself still exploring its many wonders as the sun rose. It is an awesome gift to both teachers and learners of mathematics.

A word of caution: Do not visit this site unless you are prepared to interact mentally with it, as it is not a website of passive information. That is, you will be delighted by the myriad of problems to solve, interactive activities to investigate, puzzles to play with, unusual mathematical ideas to explore, visual mind-tricks that raise your eyebrows, movie shortcuts that are gems...all filled with additional links that build pathways to who knows where! And when you have more time to concentrate, visit the "Did You Know," "Mathematics as a Language," and "Proofs" sections.

Again, thank you, Mr. Alexander Bogomolny. This is one of my favorite web sites. When I need a personal lift, am looking for some clarification of some mathematical ideas, am looking for some stimulation, or have some time to kill, I link to this site. Remember, all new visitors to this site have been forewarned!

Source: Cut-The-Knot link